Everybody has a different idea of the way that they want to spend their vacation. Most young couples these days prefer to spend theirs doing something active. Fortunately there are lots of opportunities for that and many companies that now cater specifically to this market. The following are some of the more popular vacation ideas for active couples. In most cases these ideas can be combined so that you are doing more than one thing on your vacation.

  1. Beach Vacation: There is a reason that beach vacations are so popular with people of all ages, the offer a wide variety of things that you can do. There are all kinds of water sports that you can try like scuba diving or surfing and most popular beach destinations have a very active night life which is great for active couples.
  2. Canoe or Raft Trip: Many people will try a short canoe trip or a rafting trip as part of their vacation but there is plenty of opportunity to extend this into a full vacation itself. There are trips that you can take that last from a few days to several weeks. These trips will get you into places that are pretty far off of the beaten track. In most cases you will have the option of going as part of a group or you can go by yourselves.
  3. Biking Trip: You can ride a bike almost anywhere but clearly there are some places that are more practical than others. Riding a bike for your vacation will allow you to get to know the area that you are travelling through much better than you could if you went through in a car. Obviously you are going to have to be in pretty good shape if you are going to do this.
  4. An Educational Vacation: There is no reason that you can’t learn something while you are on vacation. There are lots of opportunities to learn something new when you take a trip and many people are now doing just this. You can spend your time learning to make wine, or blow glass, or cook or almost anything else that you find interesting. There are companies that specialize in providing this kind of trip.
  5. Voluntourism: These days a lot of young couples are choosing to spend their vacations helping people. There are lots of places that you can go and lots of volunteer work that you can do. Just make sure that you know what you are getting into, a lot of these trips can involve some pretty hard physical labor.
  6. Fitness Vacation: A lot of people are choosing to treat their vacation as an opportunity to get in shape or stay that way. There are now packages that you can sign up for that will provide you with a fitness training program as part of your trip. There will of course be plenty of free time for you to do other things.
  7. Extreme Travel: This is for the couples who want to try things that are way beyond what the normal person would do. This could involve anything from climbing Mount Everest to swimming with sharks. There are lots of options here and plenty of companies that can arrange these trips for you. Be warned however that extreme travel vacations are usually pretty expensive.
  8. Hiking Trip: If you want to get away from all of the other tourists and really get back to nature then there is nothing like a hiking trip. There are lots of trails that are well designed for hiking trips so you will have plenty of options available. Just make sure that you are realistic about your fitness level so that you don’t take on a trail that is too hard for you.
  9. Animal Spotting: There is wildlife almost everywhere and if you get far enough away from all of the people you will get a chance to see it. This could mean a safari in Africa or bird watching in the Amazon or it could just mean a trip to one of the many national parks.
  10. 10. Winter Sports Vacation: Skiing and snowboarding are two very popular activities and there is a reason for this. They are a great way to spend to a vacation and most active couples will make this trip at least once. Many couples will take winter sports vacation every year, it is the sort of thing that you tend to enjoy more as you get better at it.